New Product LED Flex Linear LED Flex Light Cooperation Case
LED Flex Light(3014-120LED-IP20)
  • LED Flex Light(3014-120LED-IP20)
  • LED Flex Light(3014-120LED-IP20)


1)High temperature resistance, Impact resistance, good heat dissipation, so as to enhance the LED flex light quality and service life;ffii

2)Easy to bend;..

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Glue Comparison Mainly Applications Product connection diagram

Product specification

1.Measurement (Unit:mm,Deviation±15mm)

Constant voltage measurement:

Constant current measurement:

2.Product Specifications & Parameters

Product Model


Product Name

LED Flex Light

LED type


LED color

Warm WhiteNatural WhiteCool WhiteRedGreenBlueYellowOptional



PCB Color


Input Voltage

DC 24V/DC12V

Gross Weight


3.Characteristic parameter

Product length

Standard length 5 meters/Roll

(Can customized made 1-5meters, Max 10meter /PCS)

Drive model

Constant Voltage/Constant Current

Max current

12V-1A/M    24V-0.5A/M

Max power


Max Lumen

2700K-1046lm/M  3000K-1098lm/M   4000K-1210lm/M  6000K-1195lm/M

Beam angel


LED spacing


Led flex light width

8mm(Constant Voltage)/10mm(Constant Current)

Led flex light Height


PCB width

8mm(Constant Voltage)/10mm(Constant Current)

Average life

Over 30,000 hours

Color temperature

Warm white 2700K±200k Warm white 3000K±200k

Natural white 4000K±300k Cool White 6000K±500k

R-620-625nm G-520-525nm B-460-465nm  Y-590-595nm


80+ RA for (WW/NW/CW)

Color Maintenance

Minimum lumen maintenance test period (6000 hours) the chromaticity change  on the chromaticity diagram CIE1976 (u ', v')  is within 0.007


LED flex light

Ambient temperature


IP Rated



2 years


1.Package Diagram:

Put LED flex light products into static-bag and seal it,then stuffed it into a carton with paper card,80 volumes in a carton.

1. Advertising light boxes, Lighting Engineering, garden decoration, other special lighting occasions;

2. Path or contour mark, contour lights;

3. The zenith, corridors, windows, aisles decorative lights;

4. The nameplate backlight or edge lights;

Connection Figure 1

Connection Figure 2

Connection Figure 3

Product installation diagram

1.The back of the product affixed with 3M double-sided adhesive.Simply tear the protection paper of the double-sided adhesive when product installed, attached product to the place which is need to install and easy to paste Double-sided adhesive.


1) LED flex light and other components can not be applied to mechanical stress;

2) The assembly must not destroy or damage the transmission line and the line of the circuit board;

3) Considering the power can be applied and safety standards,the installation of LED ribbon (with power supply) need professional operation;

4) Detecting the power output of DC positive and negative poles, poles reverse may damage the lamp wiring;

5) The LED flex light parallel, not recommended series,Unbalanced voltage drop may lead to overload risk and the damage of article lamp,DC12V connected 5 meters ,DC24V suitable for 10 meters LED flex light;

6)Planning power location according to the light band installation layout(See product connected graph);

7) The bending angle can not be less than 60 degrees,bending diameter not less than 7cm when install the product;


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