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    1. What about the quality?

    -Epistar chip,Luxstar led lamp.

    -Our production pass ISO9001:2008

    -Experience QC team control the products’ quality

    -Over 12 hours aging test during processing.

    -All our products have TUV-CE,ROHS,IP68 certifications

    2 .What about the delivery?

    -Leading Time:5days for samples,15workdays for mass-order

    -Packaging:neutral packaging,all products are well packed up with anti-static materials

    3. What's the warranty?

    -3years Replacement Warranty,if product damage by quality problem,we will send you the total new strip as replacement.

    4. What does Lumens mean?

    The technical definition of lumen is as follows; A lumen is the standard measurement for a unit of luminous flux, it is a measure of the perceived power of light.

    5. LED Lumens efficiency

    A standard 100 watt incandescent light bulb uses 100 watts of power to give around 1500-1700 lumens output, This is about 17 lumens per watt (17 lm/w). LED Replacement lamps offer even more lighting efficiency. some of the lights in our range are already offering over 90 lumens per watt and there are already some manufacturer making LED lamps that will put out 100 lumens per watt.


    With the continuous development of science and technology, the technic and the craft of producing LED strip are variety. The following sections introduce the common strips on the market and the newest craft strips' difference.

    Usually, LED strip divide to IP00, IP65, IP67 and IP68 according to the waterproof levels,be undisputed, the IP68 LED strip made by PU glue with the best performance in any point of view, particularly the ability to work underwater for a long time, established a commanding position in LED strips' craft all over the world.

    IP68 LED Strip(PU Protection)---------Solid PU glue make sure 100% waterproof, Longtime underwater working. Better CRI and transmittance.

    IP20 LED Strip(Non-waterproof)-------Flexible LED Strip PCB, non waterproof.

    IP65 LED Strip(Surface glued)---------Strip with surface glue, suit for humid environment but not underwater.

    IP67 LED Strip(silicon tube)------------Strip with silicon tube outside, two ends blocked by endcaps.Could not work long time underwater.

    IP67 LED Strip(tube and glue)---------Strip with silicon tube, and filled in glue. Two kinds of materials protection make light transmittance decrease.

    The following figure of different LED strips' cross shows more clearly:

  • Flexible PU IP68 waterproof led strip ribbons

    LED strip is one of the most important luminous decorations, are wildly used in Architectural decorative lighting, Accent lighting, Border/contour lighting, Auditorium walkway lighting and so on, is welcomed by its flexible and beautiful in colors.

    For some reason, LED strip is still stand at being used in indoor decorate projects, up to set a silicone sleeve but also couldn't long time used underwater or outdoor.

    PU flexible LED strip achieve this functional. the waterproof can be the highest level IP68, PU material is anti UV, waterproof and antiseptic, which has high stability. This LED strip can be long time used underwater, like swimming pool, can know PU LED strips' advantages as below:

    1) Various colors including single color and RGB colors

    2) It is waterproof, has its own patent

    3) 5m/reel for standard length, different length available

    4) Solid-state, high shock/vibration resistant

    5) Viewing angle is 120 degrees and voltage is 12v DC

    6) Maintenance free, easy installation

    7) Long life 40,000hrs

  • Contrast different of PU glue,Silicone and epoxy

    PU is a common material in life.

    But in LED strip field, PU glue is a new material application, for better toughness,better transmission and won't yellowing in 2-3 years,

    With full covered technic(by professional automatic machine) ,create IP68 flexible LED strip, totally instead of epoxy or silicone sleeve

    traditional strip, IP67 couldn't work under water what PU can do it.

    It is a big breakthrough in LED applicate field, so there is a form compare epoxy, silicone and PU material as below:


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