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Light + Building 2018


Light + Building 2018

The 22nd Frankfurt international stage lighting Light + Building successfully concluded.

Venue: International Exhibition Center, Frankfurt, Germany

Organizer: Frankfurt, Germany International Exhibition Company

As the world's largest and most influential lighting and building electrical exhibition, Frankfurt Lighting Fair will be held once every two years in Frankfurt, Germany. At this time, the world's leading lighting exhibitors will gather together to promote professional and intelligent lighting. Equipment, interpreting what is technology to change lives.

The 2018 Frankfurt Lighting Fair focuses on the three major new objectives of “Connected, Safe and Convenient”. It pays high attention to “intelligence in daily life” and “aesthetic and practical harmony”. The products displayed represent the highest level and future direction of the lighting industry. The rise of new middle class has driven the development of new technologies and new consumption. Smart lighting, a representative product in the field of smart homes and consumer upgrades, is entering a period of rapid development. The theme of this year's exhibition will explain the concept of modern lighting design and the personalized needs that future lighting needs to meet from the relationship between "interconnection-security-convenience", and intelligence is obviously one of the innovation points!

The lighting and acoustics exhibition area booths are very crowded, once again proving that Light + Building is an important exhibition in this field. The German professional lighting and sound association expressed satisfaction with this exhibition.

This year's show has been extremely successful. The new concept of Frankfurt focuses on the continuous development of the technology sector. As the most influential international exhibition in the stage lighting construction industry, the exhibition plays an important role in promoting the development of the entire industry. It is also an excellent platform for Chinese related companies to enter the European market and understand the global cutting-edge information.


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